Would You Be Happier?

Collected my Student Visa today – can’t believe it only took a few days! And to think my parents were so worried that it would take months. Well anyway that means that everything has been prepared, other than my own personal preparation. Am I up for it?

Also met up with Kim for coffee and lunch… and also to rip CDs! It’s a pity she had lost half her collection, otherwise I’d have a much bigger song library now. Still, I had a great time.

After that was more lightsaber practise sessions. Choreographed a few more moves today, which turned out to be quite cool – nothing better than to act out your favorite lightsaber moves.

But I tired out pretty quickly and soon it was time to go home for dinner. I really need to get that new digital camera quickly. There’re just too many stuff I wanna take! Maybe tomorrow will be the day.

“Don’t worry baby; Don’t worry honey; You’re gonna be just fine.”


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