I Have Faith In You

Me, Anthony and Caleb
Myself, Anthony & Caleb

Confession – I couldn’t feel Him today as I skipped into church like a man full of purpose. The songs of worship didn’t strike a chord and the lyrics felt so empty that it was a sin to even mouth out the words. I had forgotten my reasons for receiving Christ.

But as the sermon started it began flowing back to me again – I praise Him because he brought Kim into my life and no matter what the situation is now, I still cherish the fact that she is just…there. I praise Him because he has always taken care of my family’s well-being, especially my Mum who came perilously close to Death’s door but was still saved. And lastly, now more than ever before, I have at least that bit of faith in the things I do and that current dilemmas will turn out resolved for the future.

Saying all that doesn’t mean I’m a die-hard Jesus follower who yelps bible verses when someone decides to be rude. All I am doing is trying to find my spiritual place; a place that will give me meaning in the wonders of life that are just unexplainable by logic. Things can change, but as of now my beliefs are shaped by the teachings of Christ.

Lord, I thank you for the Kit-Kat Chunky dinner that you place before me.


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