Be Well

My Mum is back in hospital.


“A keeper of faith nurtures optimism in the soul; not only in oneself, but in others surrounding oneself.”
– Ted K.



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8 responses to “Be Well

  1. someone

    hope your mom gets well soon.
    if you don’t mind me asking..what’s the problem?

  2. Hi, thanks for the concern =)

    She’s not in a bad state, just a recurrence of a problem from a past major illness. Sorry if I can’t go into minute details because anyone can read it. I hope you understand, and I’m very grateful for your concern, bless you!

  3. someone take care of her..
    usual naggings like drink more the greens and such.’s with the girl might i ask?

  4. yup, thanks! Hmm I guess I can be a very good ‘nagger’ lol, though I wouldn’t consider that a good thing.

    About her, well I dunno. I suppose it’s not as bad as it could be, but the situation is complicated..

    Have we met before?

  5. someone

    most certainly not..just being a busy body and commenting all around the blogs i read.
    had some tough times..thought i’d make some comments and hopefully push people on when they are down.
    nagging is a way of showing affection to someone i suppose. i nag people all the time.=>
    anyway..about girls in general. we don’t always get what we want..but that may not be a bad thing..whatever happens carry on with what you are doing. stay friends if nothing else..if possible.
    God bless. there is nothing greater.

  6. Thanks for your advice – very appreciative!

    Glad to know that there are people I don’t know who are reading the blog..provides a fresh perspective. I wouldn’t hesitate in sharing problems with such helpful people like yourself. =)

  7. hey sorry for the absence, man. i have been way too busy with exams. still in the midst of it though. damn assessments!

    i guess you don’t need a reply from me now. a reply to the e-mail you sent me that is. i’m happy things worked out for you. 🙂

    anyways, what’s wrong with your mom? hope she’s in a better state now.

  8. Diyana,

    My mom’s ok now…she’s back from hospital! Hmm did I send u an e-mail? I can’t recall! We must chat again soon on msn… =)

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