Star Wars Invades The Library

Fanforce SG at Tampines Library

This long Saturday started with a late morning ground assault on the Tampines Regional Library, where we were invited to put up a small booth of Star Wars goodies and also provide comical and costumed entertainment for the kids who frequent the library.

All the children were so into us (sorry Trekkies, who were also there) and many wanted to take photographs. It felt like good old community work because we made so many people’s day, too bad we didn’t have our entire group out in full force otherwise it’d have been even more fun!

I had to leave before it all ended though, due to service, which brings us to….



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4 responses to “Star Wars Invades The Library

  1. You’ve been Tomorrowed dude!

  2. Yup, you folks did an excellent job! Looking forward to your next appearance on 30 June at WRL (I presume it will be the same group?). I heard the kids just LURVED you all : )

  3. Zahra Aljunied

    Oh yeh Trekkies. You were cool! My kids would be jealous when I show them the photos I took with you guys. Too bad they couldn’t come. Thanks for being there and for making it a day for most of us.

  4. Hi everyone!

    Hmm what does ‘tomorrowed’ mean? Haha I really don’t know…

    Glad you guys enjoyed it…we’re trying to push for the 30th June one too but we don’t know if we have enough guys available for the event.

    It was a fun day to remember!

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