Mr. & Mrs. Karrde

IC and Driving License
The reason why the pictures are darkened: Hair too long on the left, too short on the right.

I am a civilian once more! Okay that was two days ago but at least now I have my blue identity card back to show for it. So despite all the things that are happening, the 2 cards above bring back a little joy for me.

ORD (Operationally Ready Date). Can’t believe it’s here. All that physical suffering, mental and emotional strain; I’m thinking how did I even go through all that? I remember recent times, things just got so dreary that it felt like you were going through a mid-life crisis.

A typical day would be start work at 7 a.m, finish at 6+ p.m, reach home exhausted at 8 p.m and by 11 p.m going to sleep for the next day. This would happen for every single weekday except Friday where the night would be spent in front of a computer screen.

And now that I’m so free, the boredom sometimes kill me. I’m torn between going into the next phase of life (University) and not wanting things to change.


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