How Do I Live

Tong Long Kuan
“You just gotta push through…”

For the past few days I’ve been sad… angry… sad… And now I don’t know what to feel.

Day started off as boring as it could be; was reduced to watching cartoon re-runs on my computer all the way till noon! After lunch went out and had a rather interesting chat with Colin on university life in the U.S. of A. If the things he told me are still true, boy will it be a blast.

Night, I got to drive my Dad’s car alone for the first time – was freaking shiok. I’m quite the speed demon; hardly realized I was zipping past all the cars on the expressway! So went for a short dinner with Zheng, Tong and Tay. The inconsiderate fools were babbling in dialect before I reiterated that I couldn’t understand a word they said.

And when I was back home parking the car, the radio had to play “How Do I Live?”, getting me all emotional again.

And you know what? I stayed in the car to finish the song.


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