The Lights. They Are So Bright.

I was always flabbergasted when people tell me they can listen to a song on repeat that will go on for hours. Now I’m under the same spell and and it’s like I can’t get enough. But a sad song will only make you. . . well, more sad, so why do I do it? Perhaps when I can’t find happiness in all the usual places, I tend to find comfort in sorrow and self-pity.

Spent the night roller-blading with Tracey. My basic blading is getting better, but there’s still so much more to learn, and I shouldn’t have bought this cheap and foot-aching pair of blades half a year ago!

We camped out at Bedok Jetty for awhile where we had a nice little talk. It’s so wonderful when you meet someone who is so similar to you in character; lets you know that at least you’re not alone in the world.

But in a sense, I am alone in the world.


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