NASA In Singapore

Myself and Catherine Coleman
Myself & Astronaut Coleman

Woodlands Library
FanForce Singapore (without me because I took the photo)

Me and my friends from FanForce Singapore were invited to a talk at the Woodlands Regional Library. NASA astronaut and USAF scientist Catherine Coleman and her husband, Josh Simpson were the guest-of-honors who gave individual speeches regarding space exploration and glass blowing respectively.

We were slow getting into costumes but quick when it came to posing for photos with the public in the library. Half-hour of menacing postures and free coffee later, the guests arrived and we sort of did a guard-of-honor cum jedi escort for the couple. It was a bit over dramatic but still cool at least.

This event was probably in conjunction with a library project that involved space exploration and also cultivation of the learning habit in kids. It was well prepared and we even had a tea reception, tokens of appreciation and even the press was there. I’m proud to be a part, of and somewhat leading FanForce Singapore towards this kind of community work.

Makes me wish that I wasn’t going away. Next major event for FanForce Singapore is CosFest 2005 but I won’t be able to attend because of Encounter Camp. Big dilemma again. . .


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