Neil Gaiman In Singapore

Neil Gaiman Booth

Neil Gaiman up close


I’m not a particularly big fan of Neil Gaiman but I did go to his book-signing event at Kinokuniya. There were too many people in the queue so I didn’t bother trying to get my Sandman comic signed, so I just took some photos.

It’s fascinating how many girl fans are there; I know my ex is a big one. Saw a lot of Junior College students, especially from Raffles, and there was a small group of girls in costume too, namely posing as Death, Destiny, Dream and Desire. Destiny’s robe was pathetic. . . could have probably used my Jedi robe instead.

After that had a great dinner with Jian Wei and Brigette. It was a great bill too. But hey, once in a while is fine. And their input on my current situation is the same as almost everyone else – just leave it all behind and go away.


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