Songs On The Road

What does it mean when you’re blitzing through the expressways and the radio just can’t stop playing your favourite songs? Some were sad songs, some were uplifting ones. But which was the most significant one?

It happened when I was driving back home (again!) and the last song to play was Inside Your Heaven. Okay, it was the Bo Bice version but it’s still a great song. Certainly got me emotional again.



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2 responses to “Songs On The Road

  1. kelvin

    class 95? around mid night?
    i guess i was listening the same station as you too…
    in a car blitzing no less..

  2. Yup Class 95. . . my favourite!

    But it wasn’t at midnight. . . more like 4pm haha. It’s so great to listen to your fav songs when on the road

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