War Of The Worlds

War Of The Worlds
“Look Rachel, this could be my retribution”

Finally got to watch War Of The Worlds, directed by my favourite Steven Spielberg. I love so many of his movies, and yet I’ve never eaten watched E.T.

The bloke Augustine actually watched it yesterday when he knew he was going to watch it with me today! Well, he wasted his money since he didn’t like it the first time round anyway.

I have to say this is one of Spielberg’s ‘lesser” movies. There were some great underlying metaphors (as in all his movies) but the character tension and interaction seemed a bit fake. Maybe because there was a lot of CGI like Star Wars.

The good news is that the movie stays loyal to the book, and me already knowing the ending prevented me from being disappointed unlike the casual movie-goer. Not a must-watch on the big screen, so no worries if you want to wait for the DVD.


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