Bloggers.SG 2005

Blogging Kings
The hoggers of blog traffic. Notice their notebooks? Yes all Apple like mine

Singapore’s first ever blogging convention at DXOBloggers.SG 2005. All the so called high-flying bloggers were there (you should know who) but I don’t even read their blogs. Kinda blasphemous right? It’s like going to church and not worshipping the Lord.

Instead of rambling on what they said and bore you like it bored me, I shall do a quick survey on the vital statistics:

  1. Lots of NKF and sex jokes.
  2. Food was good; even had free printing and wi-fi services.
  3. Forgot to mention the belly-dancers. I wasn’t stimulated at all.
  4. A more than fair proportion of ladies, many good-looking too, which I find surprising.
  5. I would say at least 85% were Chinese.

All in all, a big success. Excusing the fact that 200+ people crammed in a small area. . . but I won’t take away the small victories – I did learn some stuff, it was well organised and most importantly, fun.



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2 responses to “Bloggers.SG 2005

  1. Good for you… least you could go… I have the Pacific Ocean between me and the Blogger.SG conference. Either way it’s good to know what went on back home in Singapore. There’s much more to blogging than just them celebrity bloggers though… everyone has equal opportunity to publish, and hopefully, to present in the next conference.

  2. Don’t worry Kevin, it wasn’t really mind-blowing stuff, but it does get the ball rolling, this being the first and all.

    Yeah of course the blogging community is huge, and the celebrities aren’t always the ones that make it interesting. Don’t forget there’s us =)

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