Restless Hearts

Restless Hearts
An aspiring dancer.
An unsettled teen.
A secret and troubled past.
Nicole Tan is all these three put into one. She cares for no one, and no one cares for her. Or so she thinks. Nicole has to go through a chain of tumultous events to find out if love can ever be a part of one’s dreams.

That’s the sypnosis of my last written script. Usually I grimace when I read my own work, but I just went through it (written in 2003) and I have to say I’m quite pleased. It’s actually not bad! Sure there are some areas I would like rewritten, but I felt the characterization was extensive enough to feel for them.

Though the objective of re-reading my old script was to get myself reacquainted with the style of scriptwriting, the other reason was that I had forgotten what the whole story was about.

It felt like I was reading God’s script of my life that is occuring right now. If God gave me a gift, it’s his inspiration for my writing – It always hits me like a bolt out of the blue but when it does, the ideas or concepts can be so mind-blowing. Could I have been subconsciously writing my future?

Before you ask me for a soft copy, I probably want to do some edits on the script, right after I’m done with the current one. Then I’ll let everyone read.


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