National Library Re-Opens

Library Queue
Never ending queue (apologies for the blur)

After a number of years of closure, the National Library finally reopens its doors in a paragon of white and transparency. The architecture of the library clearly stands out from its surrounding buildings, and not by being taller. With as many glass panels as concrete walls or columns, this tower becomes a beacon of knowledge when it reflects the rays of the sun.

The bulk of the crowd arrived only after 10:30am and soon the Central Lending Library became more of a wet market. Even with around 8 borrowing stations, the queue maintained a minimum of 50 all the time, even when I left. I gave up the thought borrowing my book. Nevertheless I enjoyed reading my book in a rather peaceful corner.

Honestly, I probably won’t go back there soon, especially since I’ll be flying off in a month’s time. I’m quite content with the Marine Parade branch which is the closest to my place. Not that crowded too. The National Library may be the grand-daddy of information centers, but if it’s always going to be bursting with people, I’d rather stay away.


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