People Don’t Learn

Fallen Sign Post

Seeing how 10:30pm was too early to call it a night, I took a walk through the whole Katong stretch, past Katong Shopping Center, up to my home at Mountbatten. It was a refreshing half an hour, roaming the ash-ridden sidewalks, soaking in the human cacophony of the kopitiams.

While waiting for the lights change at the junction of Tanjong Katong and Mountbatten Road, I noticed that, once again, the sign that warns drivers of the extended divider had been knocked down.

Ever since I moved to this neighborhood I realized that the sign just keeps getting knocked down, no matter how many times it is rebuilt. Blame it on the right-turning drivers you see at the top right corner of the picture. In typical Singaporean mentality, they drive without looking out for the finer details and viola a car has rammed right through the sign.

With everyone speeding around discourteously, Singapore is undoubtedly one of the most unfriendliest places to drive.


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