The Last Time

Into the horizon

August! In 22 days I’ll be on the plane heading far, far away and there’s that off-chance that I may not return. It feels like everything I do here and now might be for the really last time.

In 22 days, I can stop speaking Chinese for an extended period of time.

In 22 days, I will find out exactly how much each entity in my life means to me.

The only attachment I have here is to the people; the relationships I have. After 4 years, whether I come back depends strongly on my heart, and who it follows.

To my dear friends: In case I don’t return, I want to let you know I will always care for you.



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2 responses to “The Last Time

  1. About the speaking in Chinese part, I am not so sure. It depends on who you will be hanging out with. UMich has a Singaporean ‘ghetto’ as well as a large Asian (PRC) community.

    It will be a new adventure. 🙂

  2. Yup..I do know abt the rather large number of Singaporeans there. Well at least I’d be speaking less Chinese then. =)

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