Man, Hot Lesbians!

Girls Kissing
All things considered, they do look pretty ‘hot’

In the midst of all the packing and piling, I unearthed this newspaper photo that I had cut out. If I’m not mistaken, this took place about 2 years ago, in 2003, when two Anderson Junnior College girls shared a seemingly passionate kiss as they were taking their perfunctory class photo.

But this post isn’t about why these two girls were kissing; it’s the fact that there was a big hoo-ha over it at the time. Newspapers were drooling all over it and parents became infuriated. Although Singapore is still conservative to an extent, people should face the truth that contemporary times are definitely more liberal compared to the previous generations.

Lesbians or gays – they’re okay in my book. Public displays of affection (like this one) are still acceptable to me, well at least anything short of open-space sex. Although a truly devoted Christian would not condone these things, do remember that I’m a new believer and being a free-thinker for most of my life has made me more liberal-minded in nature.

Honestly, I can’t take close-minded brothers or sisters who have to preach to me about things I should never do. I believe in Jesus Christ, but I also believe that he would allow me to explore every aspect of life there is to experience. And as the one and only saviour of us all, all paths should lead back to him. So why worry?

That said, anybody know these 2 girls personally? They should be entering university this year. . . I would really like to meet them.


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