I’m Pathetic

A friend’s father passed away today. He needed O+ blood platelets and I was supposed to go down to Singapore General Hospital tomorrow to donate some. My friend, who is also a sister in church, asked me for help yesterday, and I felt there wasn’t a rush to donate because of my so-called punishing schedule.

That’s right, if I hadn’t gone to watch Dim Sum Dollies, I could have headed down to do the donation and I wouldn’t have met Kim either.

I feel sorry for my friend because of her loss.

And I hate myself so much for not donating the platelets yesterday when it could have mattered.

And I am so angry with myself for not trying hard enough to try and talk to Kim more, when the opportunity was right there in front of me. Now I may never get the chance again.

I don’t deserve to live, but I’ll still promise that I won’t let anyone wait for my help anymore.



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2 responses to “I’m Pathetic

  1. someone

    your fault that she did not talk to you more?
    what exactly happen? ask yourself. you cold have done more..but what would be the difference in outcome. probably the answer will be, ‘you don’t know if it would be different, but it’ll make you feel better.’

    sorry if i sound slightly pissed. things happen, do what you can. after you did what you did. it’s over. learn and go on. things don’t happen as we like. things happen. learn and go. be a better person.

    in my life right now. things are a deadly rush sometimes. i can only react and do what i think is right. tooo bad if thigns go wrong. if i done what i felt was good and right at the moment. fine. IF NOT, i jolly well learn from it and not make the same mistake twice. BUT, no not look back and wish you done more for more than a moment. as the saying goes, don’t cry over spilled milk.

    stand up and walk on. God bless you.

  2. Ted K

    Yeah which is why I feel damn pathetic now. It’s fine if you want to get angry with me. . . I don’t care if the rest of the world hates me. It just doesn’t matter relatively.

    Argh nvm, I’ll get over this somehow.

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