Supper Hunt 2005

Supper Hunt 2005
That’s not me. . .

The whole of Saturday night was reserved for Supper Hunt 2005 – the first ever overnight cycling event organised for UMich Singaporeans. Turnout was pretty decent, came out to be around 20+ strong, but sadly I was the only freshman there. I was conned! I was told there’d be more. . .

We started off for Lau Pa Sat at around 8:30pm. The real challenge only came after midnight as were travelling from NUS to Holland Village. One major hiccup was finding out that the shop at Selegie Road was not open all night.

Hence we detoured to Newton Circus when we spent a good hour plus chatting away. It was there when Stephenie came. The second freshman! At least I didn’t have the brunt of the seniors’ attacks alone anymore.

As the roads got quieter, we didn’t have to worry about traffic so much, but I’m sure most of our poor legs were starting to get worn out too; I was reduced to a slow cruising speed even on flat ground!

I have to say the best part of the whole thing was towards the end, when we all sat down at Bedok Jetty to savor some very, very tasty durians. Talk about having something good before it disappears in the next year of your life.

My legs are wasted now, but it was a night never to be forgotten.



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2 responses to “Supper Hunt 2005

  1. diyana

    i’m finally in! but i’m here in uni. and man i’ve missed a lot (and i stand firm that my excuse *is* an acceptable excuse).
    this may sound crude, but whore singapore now while you still have time..cos no matter how you may detest it, you’ll definitely miss it.

  2. Ted K

    Yeah Di, I know I should guzzle all the food now while I can. . . some people have been saying I haven’t even tried all the good stuff!

    Hey even though your blog entries are less frequent, I still check it almost everyday! So u better repay the favor muahaha.

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