Fish & Co. Revisited

I’ve been getting treats! This time thanks to Karen and Jun Qiang. Unfortunately, we settled for something old, tried and tested – Fish & Co. Although the Swordfish Collar I ordered was something that I’ve not tasted before, the whole concept of eating at Fish & Co. doesn’t really excite me. Everything on the menu tastes the same.

After shopping for presents with Karen, we ended the day at this dessert place from Hong Kong (it’s in Chinese, so don’t ask me for the shop’s name). Very nice, but expensive. At least it was something new.

So another good friend whom I won’t be seeing from anywhere between 8 months and 2 years. All this is really getting to me. . . There are certain people whom I wish I could just lift them and bring them over to Ann Arbor with me, and leave everything else behind.


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