More Goodbyes

JC Classmates
left to right: Kenson, Chrong Meng, myself, Xianglong, Tze Jin

Finally it was down to the small and cozy group of JC classmates. 5 of the 6 guys made it, with Song Qin being the party-pooper again. And we actually waited almost an hour in the Soup Restaurant waiting for Chrong Meng to rush down from Nanyang Technological University.

It’s was a rather expensive dinner, but we all got to savor the legendary Samsui Ginger Chicken which they are so famous for. We topped it off with sumptious $4 sundaes from Swenson’s. Not bad for a farewell! But these guys didn’t bother to treat me. . .

On the bus home, we spotted something intriguing:

Vagina Joke

I would like to say that whoever did this is very creative; they actually used some super-strong adhesive and stuck the bottle upright on the bus seat. Of course, it’s a dirty joke, but one should put that aside and focus on the positives here. Anyway, sex jokes are always funny.



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  1. someone


  2. Ted K

    Yes! Don’t you think so? =)

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