Final Farewell

Bags ready to go

Here we go.

It is finally here. . . after years of waiting and months of counting down, it’s time to go. Actually, in about 10 hours! It sounds a bit too melodramatic but it’s still a fact. Although I’m positively excited, I’m surprised I ain’t literally jumping for joy. Maybe tomorrow, huh!

So many unforseen milestones have taken place in the time leading up to this day. I never thought that I would even feel a tinge of attachment to Singapore. Seeing glimpses of the National Day Parade made my heart tug, and I even listened to the National Day Rally for the first time in years.

I never thought I would become a Christian. . . well at least not at this point of my life. The uncanny thing is that, looking back, I recall that I always prayed silently in my heart in times of doubt and turmoil, even though I didn’t know where to direct that prayer to. Now that I believe in God, I can also spread my love to everyone.

Perhaps the biggest bafflement is that I never thought I would fall in love before flying away. Although I wasn’t loved in return, I thank God for helping me rediscover what it felt like; a wonderful and enriching experience of the soul that I had misplaced and forgotten over the last 4 years. And despite all the tears that I have shed, I still hope that I will love her all my life.

I’m sure I’ll be back here in Singapore in time, but I still want to thank everyone who has been a part of my life, whether you are reading this blog or not, because each individual being played a part in getting me to where I am now.

Here’s to myself, everyone, and to a bright future.




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2 responses to “Final Farewell

  1. someone

    may you have wind beneath thy wings..always.

    God bless and have a safe journey.

  2. Ted K

    Thank you!

    I’m safe in Michigan right now. =)

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