Welcome To Ann Arbor

M Card

I am severely jet-lagged. We touched down at 10 p.m Detroit time and we were only ready to sleep in the hotel at 1 a.m (and that is Singapore 1 p.m). When I woke up, I had a splitting headache, but luckily that went away after some caffeine. It was going to be a busy, busy day.

First we got our M-Card made, then we were off to open our bank accounts. That took awhile because of the paperwork and it was all boring.

The interesting part came when we wanted to apply for our U.S cellphone line. Between 3 T-mobile sellers at Briarwood Mall, we questioned and interrogated until there were signs of vexation.

Bed linens were the most physically taxing. 2 hours and $300 later, we finally lugged back to our motel room.

And tomorrow’s moving-in day! I can’t imagine. . .


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