My Dorm Room
my single room in East Quadrangle

Okay I have lots of back-tracking to do, so although I’m posting many entries at one shot, they’re actually meant for different days.

I should be stronger now, especially since I’ve been heaving my heavy luggages everywhere. Today was early move-in for international students and as you can see, everything was intially at a chaotic mess. Of course, since then I’ve tidied up a bit so at least I’ve got a proper place to sleep.

East Quad has a good location but it’s just a very old building. You can see and smell the age of this place. Everything’s still in working condition, just that it doesn’t look as colorful as other halls I think.

There’s a sense of moodiness in me. Ann Arbor is a great place but I still feel kind of empty. Maybe it’s because I’m just lonely and honestly I don’t care at all regarding school issues at this point. Suddenly my heart isn’t here; maybe I left it in Singapore



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3 responses to “Moving-In

  1. someone

    cool..have fun there.

    leave things where they are and put your mind where you are and what you are doing.

    don’t drag yourself with shadows of the past.

    God bless.

  2. take care in the states and we will miss you lots

    — auntie jaburu

  3. Ted K

    thanks guys…feeling lonely during the nights. sigh

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