My Classes For Fall 2005

Juntion of East Libety and State Street
Jeff, myself, Wilson and Lennard after dinner at State street

Thousand apologies for the past few days of error messages. . . I really should do something about this bandwidth problem. The picture above shows one of the busiest junctions in Ann Arbor – lots of great eateries there, as well as the Michigan Theatre in the background.

The international student freshmen are given the last priority to register for classes, but surprisingly I had no problems with my selection. I’ve got my 4 classes (2 Residential College and 2 LS&A) and the schedule looks comfortable if I should say so. Let’s hope I don’t eat my words.

Religion 201: Intro to World Religions – Near Eastern

Political Science 160: World Politics

RC Seminar: Inside the Dramatic Process

Creative Writing: 1 to 1 tutorial

They’re all my first choice classes so I’m really delighted that I got them. Now I just gotta get the grades for them.


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