Go Explore, And Go Blue.

New Students Convocation
Held at Crisler Arena (U of Michigan’s basketball stadium)

Museum of Art

Those were President Sue Coleman‘s last words in today’s New Students Convocation. Though the speeches and introductions were boring people on my side to sleep, the acapella groups wowed the audience with their vocals. Those guys (and gals) have voices that could win the next three Singapore Idols, so that should give you an idea of how good they are.

Artscapade and Escapade were a bit of a let down after all the hype they pumped into us. But I did win a Michigan t-shirt (to add to about 4?) so it wasn’t so bad. And the band that played at Artscapade was simply stellar and so, so original. They’re cutting an album soon, now I just wished I had caught the name of the band.

UMich is truly a vibrant community.



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3 responses to “Go Explore, And Go Blue.

  1. hey you! i changed my webbie add. so do the necessary changes!!!! :p

    anyway, glad to see you getting into the whole eh-mey-ri-cayne scheme of things. take more pictures!

    ok, enjoy life there! still hope to meet you in msn, even though now we’re in completely opposite poles in the globe.

  2. Have you read his blog yet? You two are both Singaporean freshmen at Umich.


  3. Ted K

    diyana: hey you girl, don’t just leave comments to let me know a change of URL! I already knew about the change, just forgot to make the changes on my site. And yes, I’m loving it here, and soon ah’ll speek like en Er-merican =).

    takchek: Nope I didn’t know ahout that blog, but after checking it out, I realize I know him…he’s in my orientation group!

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