Maize Craze & Meijer Madness

Maize Craze at Palmer Fields
Hail to the victors!

I still don’t know why they call it Maize Craze but essentially it’s a open-themed fun fair for new and old students. It was held at Palmer Fields where the sun was out blazing and balls up flying.

Other than free food and drinks, the marching band played the famous renditions of Michigan songs, in preparation for tomorrow’s season-opening Football game. Can’t wait! In addition, there were those Gladiator games where u have to knock each other off their perch by using a really oversized rubber bolster.

Meijer Madness Map

Later that night we had a mega-shopping event called Meijer Madness. Meijer is a giant superstore located just off South Campus, and so the University had buses transport thousands of us there.

I got what I went for – a rug (which turned out to be pretty lousy), but well what you pay is what you get, and I only paid $8 for it. Although I had already been to Meijers a few times already, having Michigan cheers roaring around the place tonight just makes this one special.


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