UMich 10 – Notre Dame 17

Game of Notre Dame

We played like crap today. I was contemplating for a long time whether to do this post. Notre Dame is a big football team – I would say as big as ours – but to play like school kids against them is a disgrace.

Our offence couldn’t keep the ball, and when we finally looked like scoring our first touchdown, Chad Henne (our quarterback) throwed straight to the opponent for a overturn in possession.

In the 4th quarter, we were trailing 3-17, and we were one yard away from scoring a touchdown. Somehow we still managed to fumble the ball and hence Notre Dame managed a touchback. How unlucky can we get?

No disrespect, but we lost not because they were good, but because we had a bad day. I just can’t stand it when people beat us in our own home stadium.


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