If I was my old self (which wasn’t too long ago), I’d probably be party hopping, getting laid and maybe trying out some drug. And sometimes I ponder right now. . . why not? This was why I wanted to go overseas – to try something new – so why am I behaving like a reclusive Singaporean now?

I don’t regret the change of good in me, and I am grateful for that, otherwise I could be in a depressing situation, but observing how our Singaporean insecurities are openly being broadcasted to Americans here really puts me off.

We just stick to ourselves, and even within ourselves secular groups are formed. I try with some effort to shatter this stigma but some are just not willing to let anyone through. Does kindness always go unpaid? It certainly seems so right now.



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5 responses to “Brats

  1. someone

    change is hard to accept for some. but we must learn to adapt and grow. don’t be afraid of new challenges or situations. they are by which we grow and be better.

    be who you want to be, without getting lost.

    God bless and stay strong.

  2. Anthony

    hi bro,

    Nothing’s too hard to comprehend and even for adaptibility, what’s most important is to retain our originality. I thank God that you’re going strong even in the midst of all this and I trust that God will continue to strengthen you for whatever circumstances that lies ahead or attempts to come at you.

    Do not forget the roots that we have and by whom we stand firm in our beliefs and that all good things stemmed from the wellspring of life through God and we need to treasure that first for ourselves then for others. May you be blessed as you keep to His promises.

  3. Ted K

    Thanks u two.

    Every day I seek God to give me the strength to pull through, and I’m so grateful to hear your support. I won’t forget who I was, who I am, and who I may potentially become.

    God bless u both.

  4. Kelvin

    yeh the comfort zone is always hard to get out of.
    its the same with the foreigners in my hall.
    all i can tell you is to keep your mind open, experience everything you can (even if its getting on some drug, heh maybe not)
    yeh just be yourself and dont compromise your values.
    have fun.

  5. Ted K

    Kelvin – that’s for your advice. You can certainly see the dilemma here. . . Within ourselves is probably a natural instinct not to depart from comfortable surroundings, yet over here it’s a completely new surrounding.

    I’ll explore as much as I can, try to make as many American friends as possible by doing various activities.

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