Yeah I think I pulled it off! No one didn’t seem to have any criticism of the acting today, and the teacher said I did a marvellous job (but she’s always nice anyway, heh).

I realize I should have told one of my classmates to take photos but it would have been very awkward to take during class. Haha. Well, there’ll be at least one more opportunity for me to act, so I should get more experience as time goes on.



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3 responses to “Success

  1. someone

    two thumbs up!

  2. someone else

    since your teacher said you pulled it off marvellously…i’m sure you did. =)

    take lots of photos of your future experiences…it be great for memories. someday, you’ll be cured completely of stage fright…and all you’ll want to do is bring this amazing expression of drama to an audience who wants to enjoy it.

    keep working at it!

  3. Ted K

    Thanks you two…whoever you are once again!

    Actually it’s not so much of stage fright. . . it’s acting ability. I don’t even have any formal training and I was thrown into the deep end of the pool. But I like the exposure and yup I intent to keep working on it


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