Chicago Day 1

Sears Tower
going up. . .?”

We drove around Chicago downtown in the morning to find this good place for
breakfast when in fact the place had already closed down. . . blame it on our outdated Chicago guidebook! In the end we gave up on breakfast and instead went on to our intended destination of Navy Pier, which is kind of a mixture of shops, attractions and theater by the lake.

The lack of breakfast was over-compensated with lunch at the famous Cheescake Factory where we received big slices of cheesecakes of unforgettable flavors. It was so good that you could just go there and eat the cheesecakes on their own. I love cheesecakes!

View from the Sky Deck
pretty little lights. . .

After some attempts of shopping at the Orchard-road-inspired Magnificent Mile, we went on to the top of the Sears Tower to get a feeling of what it meant to be on top of the world. Unfortunately by the time we were up, it was already dark. I would have liked to see the view during the day, especially of the lake, but the grid pattern lights and little dots of cars rolling along the expressways was cool too.

Finally, dinner at Chinatown – a restaurant called Penang. All of us just gobbled down the food because it tasted so much like they were cooked in Singapore and then flown over. Of course the prices are higher here but nobody cared. It was our first return to home when we ate at Penang.



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8 responses to “Chicago Day 1

  1. diyana

    cool, man. take more photos; anger me with what i’m missing out.
    enjoy your fall break! đŸ™‚

  2. someone

    sounds good…especially the cheesecake!

    nice pic of the Magnificent Mile there…

  3. someone else

    i don’t like cheesecakes. but whatever floats your boat.=)
    have fun!

  4. Ted K

    Cheesecakes are really nice! I didn’t really like them when I was younger, but it grew on me and now I love it a lot. The great thing is that the dorms do serve free flow of cheesecakes for dessert sometimes. They may not be Cheesecake factory quality, but it’s still cheesecake!

    Mus – You should have came here! There are so many different places to visit. Well I’m sure Australia has too, but you don’t really go out much right? It feels good to drive fast in the US too…hehe

  5. Diyana

    well, you just wait there! let me graduate first, earn some dosh and -then- i’ll meet you in the states. waiting for the album :p

    ps. australia’s alright. south australia isn’t. and that’s cos i’m not into outback exploring and all.

  6. Ted K

    haha I may not wait so long leh. are u going back to Singapore in Dec?

  7. Diyana

    yup! i’m probably returning mid-dec cos i’m moving to an apartment near school.

    anyways, have you heard about monkey island? i’ve been bidding for the PC game (complete compilation) on ebay cos it’s just so damned difficult to get it elsewhere. it’s costing heaps too. i swear, this is more stressful than exams!

  8. Ted K

    ah ok..i have a break in late dec but i doubt i’ll be going back. “U know who” doesn’t seem to want to see me…sigh.

    Anyway, i haven’t been playing games for a long time, but i think i have heard of monkey island. But if u need to buy anything on Ebay from the US (where most stuff is from), I can help you buy. The only prob is how to pass it to u, especially if u need it urgently. haha

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