I got so pissed today. During fencing, this bugger in my squad was an extremely arrogant prick. I may not be in the team myself (yet) but he has poor technique and it’s so annoying to fence with him. He cut me on my upper thigh with his ridiculusly mis-aimed stabbing and he acted all innocent about it. He never let me know when the point is mine; he must have been happily assuming that he always scored.

I don’t know why I’m getting angry so easily these days; a few months ago there was just about nothing that would raise my temperature, but now it seems like I’m reverting back to my old hot-blooded self. The old days of pre-Episode III (that’s Star Wars). I know it’s not the way of the Lord to be angry, proud and arrogant, but I can certainly feel it creeping back up onto me.


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