Now That I Can Dance

Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit

In a quiet and serene part of Detroit, there is a centre for youth development in theatre and the arts – Mosaic Youth Theatre – and yesterday I followed a couple of teachers to Detroit to watch one of their season productions.

Now That I Can Dance is a musical about the history of Motown in the 60’s, more specifically about how the singers of the Marvelettes rose to and fell from fame with their hitsong ‘Please Mr. Postman’. Because it’s a musical, the main attraction is its music, and I have to say it was absoluto-fabulouso. These young black teenagers have such big singing voices that could easily fill the theatre of Esplanade. No Singaporean can sing that well at such an age, I promise you that!

I tried to find the soundtrack for the songs that they sang, but there wasn’t one, I think since all the songs they sung were real, classic songs that have exisiting copyrights. Instead I bought one of their t-shirts – I love collecting such stuff. Who knows, I may never be able to go back there again!


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