I Need Warmth

Hor..r..i..ble blizzzzards. . .

Stupid static charges!

Ah, the life of Michigan.



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7 responses to “I Need Warmth

  1. I found you browsing through Frappr’s directory of sg bloggers – I have a brother who’s in LS&A too. I’ve met a few S’poreans there during my visits. Just thought I’d give a drive-by “hey”. 🙂 (Go Blue!)

  2. Ted K

    Haha, hope you enjoyed your visit.

    Who’s your brother?

  3. Maverickmerlion

    This is only the beginning. Winterbegins on December 21st, what are you going to do when it gets cold. Hahaha ( that was what I have heard all these years).

    Go Buckeyes!!

  4. Ted K

    Well at least it isn’t so cold today. . . I just can’t stand wearing so much extra clothing! =)

    Go Blue!

  5. Ted- Wish I could tell you but he’s a sad little recluse. The other S’poreans probably don’t know him too well; I wonder if they remember me, cos I was way more excited about meeting them than my bro was. 😉

    Ditto Maverickmerlion, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Wait till Jan/Feb, all you’ll want to do is curl up in bed all day. Death by frostbite was definitely on my mind during my first years. Your ‘initiation rites’ are just beginning!

  6. Ted K

    Meow – Haha what year is he in? If he’s not a freshman then i may not know him

    Yeah I’m not looking forward to the weather early next year…all my classes must be near my dorm!

  7. He’s a junior in Eng Lit or something. ‘Or something’ because it seems to change every time I talk to him. Could be creative writing, sociology, or comp sci (he takes classes in all).

    Good luck with the weather! I’ll be dropping in on your site now and then 🙂

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