The Laramie Project

Mendelssohn Theatre
Mendelssohn Theatre

you won’t see this in Singapore. . .

There was a group of demonstrators outside the Michigan League today, protesting against the showing of The Laramie Project – a play that I not only watched, but also watched for free. Ha!

Those protestors were gay-haters; apparently they travel to every production in various cities. – I guess you wouldn’t know that The Laramie Project is a documentary styled play reenacting the real life event of Matthew Shepard‘s savage death in 1998. Although I had never heard of this case before, it is a very well known historical event in America. . . you can read more about it here.

While prejudice and racism are everywhere, one aspect of Michigan that I’m proud of is its openness in diversity. The school prides itself for being liberal and I’m so happy for that (not that I’m gay). It makes this society much more vibrant and accepting. Like I said, it’s not all perfect and rosy, but it’s probably the best that it can be. Matthew Shepard lived a short life, but his death will be immortalized forever.



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4 responses to “The Laramie Project

  1. someone

    firstly, happy birthday! hope you have a fulfilling year ahead and God bless.

    secondly, forever is a long long time.. =)

  2. someone else

    yep, happy birthday. 🙂 hope your 21st will be a special day.

    now to begin your 22nd year on earth.

    and i agree…forever…is a big word that people tend to use too lightly.

  3. Ted K

    Thanks guys for your blessings! May God bless you too

    I don’t see what’s wrong with forever. . . heh

  4. Augustine

    Happy 21st Birthday to you bro
    Do take care and have fun at michigan
    See you back here


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