My 21st Birthday

My Pals for the Birthday
Jeff, Jian Wei, Fengyi, Alvin, Wilson and myself

Ipod Video Present

Yay for 21. Nice, nice number. I’m really glad we got to celebrate it on Nov 22nd itself, but unfortunately it fell on a tuesday, which meant normal lessons and homework that needed to be done.

But thank you so much to everyone who made this a great day, even those isolated birthday wishes. Of course, my deepest gratitude goes to my dear parents and brother; the gang who spent the time with me; Jian Wei too for obvious reasons. Augustine, really happy for your new-found happiness. Thank you guys for being there for me.

No matter how much I tried to keep it under wraps, it just got around.

Wow let’s see. . . Maggie, Molly, Courtney, James, Megan (the sweetest), Max, Mackenzie, Jeremy, Jerald, Mingchen, Nick, Charles, Thomas, Alex. Won’t forget all your kind words!

And then there were some more. . . towering couple Chrong Meng and Joanna, Anthony, Jie Bao (miss you lots), Sky, Hans, Esther, Edwin Lee and Kek. Even Jason from the obscurest of groups. It seemed like only one person didn’t care for me at all. Nevermind, I don’t even know if I’m angry or sad, both, or neither.

No, there wasn’t any booze, though I could have had some. But we did get our fingers dirty at Buffalo Wild Wings, and not surprisingly, the wings were probably the highlight of the meal. A very, very rich chocolate cake and birthday song ended the night. Quiet, but meaningful aplomb for a 21st birthday.

Presents! By some divine coincidence, I got a Michigan football and Michigan basketball from 2 different groups, and Fengyi gave me a Christian book by Max Lucado, and she even threw in a chocolate-coffee-toffee cheesecake (yay for cheesecakes). My parents got for me the new 5th generation iPod (aka iPod video), which I am absolutely adoring now. Apple products are just so in sync with my style.

It’s been an up sloping trek for the past year, containing some of the most happiest and saddest times. I pray for happiness in the year to come, and may my wishes come true.



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5 responses to “My 21st Birthday

  1. someone else

    which book by max lucado did you get?

  2. happy birthday! and damn, i wish i had an ipod 60gb too.

  3. Ted K

    Diyana – Haha your birthday is coming up; ask your parents to get you one! I’ll get you something as nice, don’t worry! And I want my present! =)

  4. fengyi

    hey ted hope you’re doing fine in ann arbor! i’ll see you in two days- take care!

  5. Ted K

    hey fy..yup I hope you had a great thanksgiving dinner!

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