Hatcher Graduate Library

Hatcher Graduate Library
A bookworm’s paradise

Library Books for research on pilgrimage
Actually, I only researched on only 3 or 4 of those book. . .

For my next Religion paper, I had (and still have) to do research from external sources other than the canonical sacred texts. It took me a bit to figure it out, but I finally found my way to the Hatcher Graduate Library‘s reference section. It is a behemoth vault of books, books and more books.

To find books, you have to search the database for their call numbers; you can’t just go to the cooking section, or geology section, or whatever section and search for the books that you want. There aren’t any such sections.

Michigan is a great research university, and I’m glad that all these resources are available for use when the need arises, like right now. The paper’s due on Thursday, and I have yet to read all that I need, so I’ll be heading back there later today. Did I forget to mention that it’s eerily quiet too?


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