OSX Tiger

OSX Tiger
That’s Automator and Spotlight running

I knew I should have waited a couple more months before buying my Mac, because then I would have the new operating system – OSX Tiger – pre-installed. But seeing how I’m going to stick to my powerbook for the next few years, I went ahead and upgraded my OSX from Panther to Tiger!

The new feature I probably like the most is Spotlight, which I would define as an ‘instant-search’ ability. Just type in any keyword and any file that is associated with it will come up. I guess the next best feature is Automator, though I have yet to try it.

While I had pay money (obviously) to get it upgraded, I got it at less than half the retail price so I guess it’s worth it, and considering that I won’t be changing my PowerBook in the near future, I’d consider Tiger a good investment.


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