Welcome To The Junkyard

Can we get into the groove too?

Initially, I was going to talk about an event that just went by in Singapore, but after having just came back from watching Welcome To The Junkyard by the completely student-formed group Groove, it wasn’t difficult to change my mind.

Groove is a musical group that whacks things to make music; if you know STOMP then you have a picture right there. Despite it just being a student production, I was blown away by how professional and creative the team was. Just look at their set on stage; it probably caused weeks of sweat to get it done, all out of passion I might add.

Musical aspect wise, I was really impressed by some of their original ideas (or at least I had never seen before in numerous other performances that I have been to); they had glow-in-the-dark action scenes and a human drum set. They even used a saw to make music. That is so creative. I really enjoyed this tremendously; if they had more than one performance, I would go down just to listen to all that banging again.

A lot of people say Americans don’t study much; it’s because they put their time, passion and energy in non-academic pursuits, and they’re proud of it. I admire their pride in doing such things, because this is the kind of shit I came to the U.S for. Americans know how to work from the sleeve where their heart lies, and really, studies aren’t everything. If I, and others, can take a page from their book and stick it in ours, we will leave this place with something more valuable than that other piece of paper.


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