Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol

After the final exam marked the end of my Religion class, me and Mackenzie (a classmate from another class) went to get rush-tickets for Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol, which is an exploration into Marley’s personal journey in the afterlife.

Because it was produced by professionals, the acting was so real that you’d believe them if they ran around and proclaimed the world was coming to an end. These actors have BFA‘s and have been acting for decades; it really made the play stand out from all the student productions, despite the simple set. If I can act like that one day, that’d probably really be the end of the world!

In lieu of the fast approaching Christmas, take this message from me as I took from the play: Shine your light on others.



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4 responses to “Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol

  1. Diyana

    hey, could you e-mail me your postal add again? i believe i might have left it down under.

  2. Ted K

    do you want the one in Singapore or US? If it’s something that I probably won’t use in the US, then maybe it’ll be better to send to my Singapore home. . .

  3. Diyana

    give me the US one. i think you’ll use it :p

  4. Ted K

    Haha. . .

    350 Hinsdale
    701 East University
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109

    Hope I can really use it! =)

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