Shadow Of The Future

Nice Jaguar Car Interior
If only I were in the driver’s seat

I got the chance to sit in Thomas‘ new car today – a 3.0 liter Jaguar – of which I do not know the exact model. I only know it’s a beautiful car and even though it’s not quite my taste, I can guess it’s quite expensive.

I don’t think I’ll ever get to own such a highly desirable and costly car, because I simple don’t think I’ll be earning a lot of money. While the business people go about finding their gold mines, I would rather follow my heart, where my dreams live. Of course, these things can go together, but if I had to choose one, I would definitely want to live my dreams.

Which is why I’m very grateful to my parents, the ones who sacrifice so much to help me achieve that goal, as well as paying for stuff that I like to get even though it may not be something that I need. I pray that one day I will achieve enough to make them proud.



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4 responses to “Shadow Of The Future

  1. It’s nice to have dreams. Don’t ever lose them.

  2. Diyana

    hey! i’ve just received your card from the mail. a bit surprised actually, but thanks for the gesture. haha, you HAD to put a picture of yourself on the cover.
    happy holidays to you and enjoy your cold, snowy christmas there. it’s good that we’ve managed to remain friends for years.
    i’ll get your presents after this holiday craze too; they’re all out of stock. take care!

  3. someone

    merry christmas ted!! and a wonderful new year..!!
    may your dreams come true and have a great year ahead!!
    God bless!

  4. Ted K

    takchek – Yep I hope I never will, even if I don’t get to achieve them

    Diyana – glad you like the card! And I promise to get your present to you as soon as possible. Right now too busy traveling the US, haha! Well Christmas here is like the arrival of the plague – streets are so dead! Do enjoy your stay in sg; believe it or not, I would trade my travels here for 2 weeks in sg to see people.

    someone – Merry Christmas to you too! Actually it’s still 4 hours to Christmas over here. . . haha. . .

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