Washington DC

Me and Washington Monument

I wonder if Washington DC made the capital, or if being the capital made Washington DC the way it is today. In truth, it’s probably both. DC does not belong to any state, and has some of the world’s best museums because as a capital, it caters for the nation’s best only.

In one day, you can get lost in one of the numerous Smithsonian museums and not be able to cover everything in it. We only had time to go to the Museum of Natural History and the National Air and Space Museum, and even so I know there were whole catacombs yet to be explored.

Today was the last day in DC, and we visited the Capitol Building, the War Memorials, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the White House; this city definitely needs a second visit in the future. As one gazes in awe and stupor at the sheer majesty of these structures and the experiences and lessons that came with them, that person will question his or her existence and wonder: Where is it all leading to?

Washington DC, as the capital, helps build pride and national esteem in the millions of Americans who visit it. It helps them, as well as anyone else who visits, remember of times past and the struggles that people of those generation went through. And with that, strive for a better future.



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3 responses to “Washington DC

  1. fengyi

    hi ted! I miss you! Hope your trip is going well! 🙂

  2. Augustine

    Hey Have a wonderful new year ahead of you. Hope you can let go of the baggage of the past and move forward to a brighter and happier future. Do take care of yourself. Looking forward to see you in a few months time.

    Have fun

  3. Ted K

    fengyi – I think this trip has been blotches of good and bad times. When it’s bad, I just wish I had gone back to Singapore. Give and take, I guess. . .

    – haha what makes you think I’m not happy now? Although you know that I can get upset over uncontollable situations, I’m still grateful for the things as they are now, but of course I always hope for improvements in life and growing prosperity.

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