New Year’s Eve Destroyed

My New Year hopes were crushed by a falling Big Apple. With Jeff taking a small detour to visit his roommate, it was only me in a neighborhood (Jamaica/Queens) that is so different from Manhattan. It was all Blacks everywhere and I only saw 2 Caucasians in the whole area.

Any courtesy that you might think of Americans is non-existent here, as crowds push and cars honk gleefully. No one speaks with an American accent here, and they even have trouble understanding my fake American accent. It would seem that many of the people who live here belong to the lower middle class and are either first or second generation immigrants. I took 3 hours to find my way to the hotel; the only saving grace being it’s still comfortable and amenities like wireless internet is available.

So here I am, in the fringe of NYC, on New Year’s Eve with no one to talk to. NYC is really huge and I’m feeling out of place in this foreign section of the city. My MSN is down, so please log on to AIM or Skype if you have an account! I had hoped to have an explosive New Year party in Times Square this year, but because of the rain and distance, I’ll have to postpone it till at least a year later.

I sincerely pray that tomorrow will be a brighter day for me.

Update: Jan 1st, 2006, 00:01 a.m.

Happy New Year to all! I hope and pray that 2006 will be lovelier, richer and more fulfilling year for everyone! Here’s starting the new year with a few new resolutions. . .

1. Be at a big New Year’s Eve party in 1 year’s time
2. Maximum experience for the next 2 school terms in UMich



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2 responses to “New Year’s Eve Destroyed

  1. Diyana

    Geee, someone took time off to tour extensively. Jealous!

  2. Ted K

    hey, it’s not all nice and rosy you know; sometimes it’s been plain sucky. You’ve got the chance to spend time with friends and family and that’s great. I wouldn’t mind exchanging shoes you know. . . even if yours is an ugly design haha! =)

    Kidding . . .

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