Hewlett Packard & The Cartridge Of Ink

Goblet of Fire
“Harry. . . I don’t think putting that on is a good idea. . .

In an effort to get out of this voodoo spiral, I shall touch upon more. . . magical issues. In Chicago, me, Alvin and Wilson went to catch Hairy Pooter And The Goblet Of Fire – my first complete exposure to Harry Potter. Watching the 5th (or is it the 4th) movie is quite a start for the series, huh?

The names may have been a bit mixed up to me, but I got the straight-forward plot pretty easily. Generally I did enjoy the movie and some of its magical elements – like that luxurious tent with an fake exterior – but the progressing of the story could have been more efficient; we were mostly waiting for the next challenge to take place or for more information on the villain Moldy Lot (or something like that). Ha ha.

Using wands to do battle was quite amusing; I can’t believe that little stick can do so much! Ah, the magic of magic. I think overall it has intrigued me into reading the books, even though this is already a huge spoiler; maybe after the last book is out then I will get the complete collection.



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2 responses to “Hewlett Packard & The Cartridge Of Ink

  1. fengyi

    Hairy Pooter and Moldy Lot? Lol! Well, just wanted to let you know that I’m real sorry for being curt and dismissive sometimes- I guess I’m just too caught up in my own problems at times to care about others, which isn’t a good thing, and something I’ll strive towards changing. I don’t think I’m in a favorable position to give you much advice either, because I’m just about as good as hopeless at trying to cheer people up (it’s just something I can’t do, I don’t know why, I just end up sounding cheesy). But honestly, take care of yourself because it really does get to me when my friends are upset. Yeah? Feel free to call me or talk to me or something if you ever need to… we can have dinner together more often as well, especially since my practice ends at 5+ nowadays and so dinner at 6pm is a most favorable proposition. Haha.

  2. Ted K

    yep…I know we all have our own problems. Thanks for your help (as always!), and of course I will always return the gesture, no matter what. Hope to see all of us having dinner together too! Anyway, keep striving, and take care!

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