Fencing Sabre

In all my previous years in school, I have never partaken in competitive sports, partly because I felt that physically I wasn’t going to be able to best others; I’m not tall, big or strong enough. So it’s a baffling puzzle as to why I felt that I could go for Fencing. The reason is simple: it is because I want to be the best that I can be for the person(s) that I care for.

I love fencing Sabre; it’s swift, nail-biting and artistic all in one, but the signs are starting to show. Do I have what it takes to sweep the floor? Or will the page revert to books of old? Increasing mental doubts are in my head, wondering if I’ll ever make the team. But even if it turns out to be a dream unachieved, I won’t stop trying at least till I graduate.

In the end, no regrets; that’s what I want. And also glimmering pride in the eyes of the ones whom I want to see the most.



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2 responses to “15-9

  1. fengyi

    you have been tagged! read my blog for rules.

  2. Ted K

    haha sounds fun…it’ll be coming up soon!

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