Chinese New Year 2006

Chinese New Year 2006
me and good friend Jian Wei

With more than 120 Singaporeans congregated for dinner, toasting, singing, gambling, and good old kopitiam talk, you would think that Chinese New Year 2006 was a great success. As a standalone event, it served its purpose, but how did it serve the future? For all we know the ‘dog’ that we revered on that day is now a grotesque mess on the street.

Wasn’t fortune supposed to be showered on us? Of course, that’s what Chinese New Year’s all about. Yet now I feel as empty as a cellar after all the beer kegs have been taken out, because a stupid fact keeps banging itself at the walls of my skull – it’s already 2006, with nothing to show for it so far. My fencing standards have stagnated; my writing has become tedious.

All calendars would certainly point out that only one-twelfth of the year has gone by, but I ask myself if I have lost that motivation to succeed, the love that drives me. I’m afraid that my answer will come up short. . . and I won’t be tall enough to reach for the stars.



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2 responses to “Chinese New Year 2006

  1. someone

    good friend Jian Wei and you.
    happy chinese new year!

  2. Ted K

    happy new year to you too!

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