What’s Real, What’s Not?

Today I reminded myself of what true friendship is about, at the cost of a friend. What happened was this: This ‘friend’ was unhappy that I wanted to go over to his place to watch Superbowl XL and do homework at the same time, because I would spoil his party.

Initially I felt I was wrong, for assuming that I could be as easy-going and forthright with this ‘friend’ as my closer friends. But this unfortunate occurence has instead flipped through a mental phonebook, and instantly identified the names and faces of people who are my real friends.

Real friends would go out a long way – way beyond a mile – just to be able to help you or enjoy your company; real friends can be natural with each other, and there’s no need for decorum or formality.

My predicament is that, after accepting Christ, I have been trying my best to be accomodating and helpful to everyone, but I was foolish for thinking that all those ‘every one’s‘ would do the same in a snap. I may not be very much of a socialite icon, but that makes me treasure whatever real friends I do have left.



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3 responses to “What’s Real, What’s Not?

  1. fengyi

    People change, but God’s a constant- you’ve always got a friend in Him, just remember that. And of course I’ll do my best to be a great friend! 🙂

  2. ben

    Hey Ted, nice blog! Do take care okie? Best, Ben

  3. Ted K

    fengyi – yep..thank God for u!

    ben – hey glad u enjoyed it; do visit back often!

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