Read My Lips

Just to quench a little thirst for fame and fortune, I shall link you to one of my published online articles – on my Creative Writing major – that I wrote for CollegeScope.

College Scope is a non-profit student organization committed to creating platforms for people to connect, and through the connections, synergize and create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. We will be challenging the geographical barrier that the US continent poses, reach out to different organizations across the US continent, as well as the local campus community.

I wrote the article sometime back, before me and Esther became editors for UMSSA and CScope respectively. I guess now it’ll be much easier to collaborate!

Well get down to it – here’s the article.



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11 responses to “Read My Lips

  1. someone else

    hmm…just a little opinion of mine…

    i guess i’m a little repulsed (ok maybe too strong a word for such a small matter, but no matter anyway) by the use of italics in writing (except when quoting etc). it’s more of a forced emphasis…and i’d rather the author have the ability to create the idea of the impact of the word in my mind rather then tell it to me in my face “look, this is important.”

    just a side note if you wanted comments…

    all the best in your writing endeavors and your ambitions to become an author. 🙂

  2. greg

    Italics are used to mimic accentuated words in dialogue; it’s not meant for people to explain in another sentence what their emphasis is. So stop reading if you are annoyed by such a small thing

  3. someone else

    i’ve got absolutely nothing against you, greg, so why the want to diss? writing = dialogue? i don’t think so. but hey, if u want to flame me, go ahead. thanks for letting me know who you really are.

    ted, i still thought your article was a nice read.

  4. Quite an informal piece of writing that proved both personal and informative. It was good and I think you did well. At least it caught my attention and stirred up thoughts of creativity. ;p any other writings coming soon???

  5. someone


    ‘ lookitme..’

    but’s your blog..have fun.

  6. fengyi

    what an awfully cryptic comment by “someone”! odd. good stuff there though, ted 🙂 And Greg. Hahaha!

  7. Ted K

    It’s funny that such a minor post has created such a buzz!

    someone else and Greg – Well I do think there’s nothing wrong with italics; it’s a part of writing that will probably never go away.

    Anthony – Thanks for your compliments, bro! I’ll let u know if something comes up.

    someone – I don’t know what you’re so upset about.

    fengyi – thanks, once again!

  8. someone else

    nice to know that comments are…brushed off.

    ok, i’ll take greg’s advice to “stop reading” since i am supposed to be “annoyed by such a small thing”.

    till we meet, ted. maybe one day you’ll find out who i am.

  9. someone

    i am not upset about anything..just voicing my comments as this place is for..

    and, well, if no one understand what i am trying to say..too bad.

    ‘maybe’ else..haha.

  10. Ted K

    I don’t know what you guys are getting at. Comments are good and unrestricted but they just remain as that – comments; you can’t expect change everytime, and again I don’t even know what you are talking about.

    someone else: No one’s asking you to stop reading, but nobody can stop you either

    someone: if you’re unhappy about my efforts at self-publicizing, then you have to bear in mind that writers have to do that, especially for people whom no one knows about.

  11. someone

    last i read..humility is a virtue..but i guess not everyone have the capacity for it. me included, i think.

    like i’s your blog..your call. my call.

    don’t take it to heart, stranger. life’s too short for so much unhappiness.

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