The Adventure

Grand Canyon
Now where’s that track. . .

As you can see, Spring break is here! It’s only a one week break, but I’ll be joining a bunch of adventurers to travel into the heart of the Grand Canyon (in a few hours).

Other than this being the first time I’ll see the Grand Canyon, this is also the first time that I’ll be sleeping in such cold temperatures. Forget all that SAF training because that was in tropical jungles; this is the arid desert at the end of winter.

So take care, you folks. I’ll be back. In a week. With photos.



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5 responses to “The Adventure

  1. Lys

    Wow cool… Looking forward to pictures! XD

  2. Bless you with a safe journey, wonderful weather (not too cold) and the glorious sight of seeing God’s creation that will leave you marvelling at how God created the world in such uniqueness, leaving bit and pieces of His intrique “artwork” in this world. The weather is definitely going to be “bbbbrrrrrrrr” cold. So must really wear a lot more warm clothing.

    Looking forward to see your photos when you’re back!!! Take care bro!!!

  3. where the heck are you?! we’re WAITING for photos! Taa :p

  4. fengyi

    (I’m not gonna lie) that was one hell of an incredible trip!

  5. Ted K

    fengyi – Haha..Kaitlin! Yup definitely lots more to talk about!

    Photos will come soon guys, I hope…just got so much other stuff to do!

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