Red Bull Car

Mini Cooper converted to Red Bull car

Mini Cooper converted to Red Bull car

Now how about that? A cute car (someone please tell me the model) with a pseudo-can of Red Bull rigged on top of the trunk, ready to fire a stream of energy saturated drink into the mentally taxed minds of Michigan students.

Peering through the passenger window, there were enough crates of Red Bull for a national Olympic team. Top it off with that trademark thrashing bull on the sides of the car, and paint sprayed in the colors of silver & blue, and there we have the Red Bull Car.

It was parked on E. Liberty, where visitors celebrating St. Patrick’s Day even found the Red Bull Car amusing and started snapping their camera shutters. Ann Arbor may not be the funkiest of cities, but these surprise packages on a normal sunny day can really make this place alive.



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11 responses to “Red Bull Car

  1. hey!!! we have that here in australia, particularly at medsoc social functions. there’d be crates of red bull inside. but ours is waaaaay more hip cos it’s a volkswagen. beetle, i like :p.

  2. fengyi

    that looks a bit like a mini cooper. i don’t know haha

  3. Ted K

    So! The Aussies are copycats!

    I admit a beetle would be cooler than a mini-cooper, but does yours have the big can on top? Nah nah nee nah nah. . .

  4. HEY! you wierd American pushovers! we’re a nation of convicts, so our men are big and tough; don’t mess with us.

    as a matter of fact, we have a can on it too…and it probably is HEAPS cooler because it’s HORIZONTAL and doesn’t lie at an angle.

  5. Ted K

    what’s so nice about horizontal stuff? We’ve got a freaking cannon!

  6. Billy

    This is a customa cut Mini Cooper…not sold to the public… made especially for Red Bull.

  7. Lar

    How could you ever own one of these minis?

  8. Will

    This is a Mini-Cooper made by BMW, it is part of the Red Bull Student Marketing Programme. They have 34 of these around the UK, driven by University students. Of which I am one. I do not own the car, it is owned by Red Bull, essentially it is a company car. And yes, it does have a giant Red Bull can on the back at a 45 degree angle. Of the 34 around the UK, some are VW Beetles.

    I’m assuming that they are running similar programmes around the states and australia too. The only way to drive one of these is to enter the Red Bull Student Marketing Programme.

  9. Lauren

    where can i get a redbull car in australia? i would like it to take me to my formal!! email me back please..

  10. Tumi

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  11. Sam

    Its a Mini Cooper Cabriolet, not a custom cut car. And yep in Aus we have both VW Beetles and this variety. Nice gimmick… mid2007 they had one parked at the gate of the local high school… giving out free cans to every kid who wanted one !

    Marketing ploy… good stuff though haha

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